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CHRISTMAS 2007 - ideas for a no or low cost Christmas

soulight started this conversation


December 22 , 2007  Well , it may be too late to recieve assistance if you haven't applied at this date . Still , if you have small children , there are things that you can do . Please try the pages below for many very low cost / no cost gifts that you can make.

Please remember that things do not fill an empty heart . Love does. Show love to your family . Celebrate what you do have . You already have more than you know . Just start making a list of the good things . Is your family healthy ? together? Do you have lights ? heat? water ? a car ? food ? There are many who do not have that much

The Salvation Army in my town had requests from 2,000 families this year . Only 500 recieved help . I am not saying this as a depressing thing , but to show that many are in the same spot that we all are.


Still , start making that list of things to be happy for . Everyone can come up with something if they try.




Scroll down on this page for all Christmas pages that are listed under soulight.



If you feel that YOU have been scammed , or if you would like to find out how to remain safe from Christmas scammers , go here :


 I sincerely pray that everyone has a very happy and Blessed Christmas.



Risking sounding like a broken record : I don't have money to give.

You don't know how much that I pray that I did ( for that matter , you don't know how much that I pray I had money for my own family for Christmas- an addendem - it doesn't really matter - we have so much already !)



Still , MONEY DOES NOT BUY HAPPINESS ! We can all be happy without things if we work on the really important parts of living .





If you think you are deprived , think of our fellow human beings living on the streets , or in third world countries that walk 10 miles with a sick child on their back only for the child to die at the clinic because they ran out of the proper medicine - THAT is what it is like to do without.


Please , learn how to be happy with what you have and don't always want more. Your children deserve a good role model.My daughter and I have no money for presents this year . I decided to set the mood and look at all that we do have ( which is ALOT !) Now , both of us are not only OK with it , but we are having FUN and we both feel very FESTIVE and FULL OF JOY with no presents , imagine !!?!!

If you are in the same boat , be the one to set the mood . It may turn into a Christmas to remember.

 You can still use the suggestions on my Christmas pages , and create a wonderful , Blessed holiday for your family. Or....forget presents all together ,and be happy with what you have . It works.



After all , it's not our birthday !




Still , I got a gift !

What is this free Gift that God offers through His Son ?

( The link directly above does not necessarily represent what the owners of Aidpage might  or might not believe personally , but it is  does represent what my personal  beliefs are -soulight )







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Hi Happy Mommy

You need to take yourself and your children to a safehouse . They will also be able to help with gifts for the kids.

You are in my prayers.



 Domestic Violence Hotline:
800.621.HOPE (4673)

Crime Victims Hotline:
866.689.HELP (4357)

Rape & Sexual Assault Hotline:

TDD Phone Number for all hotlines:

Before ANYTHING  ELSE if you or your kids are being abused ;BREAK THE SILENCE ! If you can, leave and go to a safe place.  NOW.

• This can be anywhere the abuser can't find you or where you and your children will be protected.  Transition Houses are good choices for a safe place to go.  Never leave without taking your kids.

If you can, call the police or ask someone to call them for you.
• If you are in immediate danger dial 911.. You have the right to report an assault to the police.

• If you can, call a support line:  This is the National Domestic Abuse Support Line :

1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

See your doctor or go to a hospital
• You can choose to see a Doctor or go to the hospital regarding your injuries without making a police report.


• If you choose to file a police report, all injuries need to be reported and documented.
• You need to make sure your injuries, or those of your children, are not serious or life threatening.

 See a Lawyer

• You may need to get a restraining order.
• You may need to get an interim custody order.
• You need to know your rights.

 □ Legal documents:
               Marriage license, divorce or separation
                        Papers, custody agreements, court orders

□ Driver’s license or photo identification

□ Birth certificates:
     Yours and your children's

□ Passports: 
     Yours and your children's

□ Immigration papers:
      Yours and your children's

□ Social Security Cards
     Yours and your children's

□ Money, check book, credit cards

□ Bank book, bank statement

□ Lease, rental agreement, house deed

□ House keys, car keys, safety deposit box

□ Address book, phone numbers
      Include friends, family members and
     Others who may be able to offer you support

□   Medications, medical records:
     Yours and your children's  

*It is not your fault or you kids fault.                           

       The abuser is the one with the problem*

When I left my home with my daughter to escape an abusive husband , I didn't want to go to a shelter . I was afraid of what it would be like. I moved in with different friends instead. My friends were really kind and helpful , but it did put alot of pressure and stress on everybody.

I look back and think that I should have done it differently. A shelter would have had all the things my daughter and I needed at the time : counseling , help with what to do next , other women and kids who could relate., and a place to stay at least for a while (we lived with 5 different families. They were wonderful , but kind of passed us around from family to family -we all knew each other and everybody wanted to help.This gave everybody a chance to help , but left my daughter and I with an even more lost feeling.)

If you are afraid of going to a shelter , don't be. They have heard every story in the book .  

Here is an idea of what it will be like :


This page has state-by state domestic violence contacts and resources :


Do you have more questions about abuse ? Go to this site and look on the left side bar.


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HaPpY MomMy

I am a single mommy of 3 beautiful children. We were safe until my ex-husband got out of prison. now were terrified. so christmas isnt going to be fun. Plus I dont have the money for it cause i usually have to move every couple of months. So i spent christmas money on a new place to live and he found me 2 days ago. so now what im ot leaving. Now im broke and have no money absolutely no money for christmas. I really wish I had the money for christmas.

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That is a beautiful poem , wnjduvall

Thank you so much for sharing with us !


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 HI Soulight, Thought everyone would like this...... :)

Christmas brings such a time of love
Each tender heart holds so much of

Unselfishness thrives, trust is strong 
The purpose to give, send love along

A time of pleasantries, patience too
Good wishes to all, all feelings true

Thankfulness follows each fine deed
Gifts from our God, never from greed

Great the rewards that joy does bring
Like the beauty in hearing angels sing

We pray for our loved, each so dear
Especially those who can’t be near

Many leave home to bravely serve
All freedoms we have, they preserve

Do pray for our troops, as we should
And their families too, if you would

Give thanks to our Lord, His only Son
And cherish His Christmas, everyone.

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Thank you so much wnjduvall,

I hope you and your family also have a very blessed Christmas !


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I think this is a wounderful thing you are doing soulight and i hope you and your family have a blessed holiday!!

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Hello all,

I am a mother of three children, the ages are 6,8,10.  I am currently looking for any kind of information to help me with providing a christmas for my children.  Maybe a good JOB LEAD

I am currently unemployed due to a reduction in force from the company I was let go from.  I worked for this company for the past 5 years and one day I went into work and found out when we merged with another company.  I was the employee they let go due to other employees having more time than me.  That is when it all started. I always drilled into my children, they have to work for what they get and without an education it won't be done.  I worked full time, a full time mom, and on my little bit of free time, we volunteered our home for unfortunate children that didn't have no where to go.

I had to face the children that I was solely taking care of on my own.  Mom did not have a job.  We couldn't live like we used too.  We couldn't do the things we were used too, and that we couldn't help others when we couldn't help ourselves. 

 No money coming in and not knowing what we we going to do next.  I ended up loosing my home in ohio and relocated to Monroe GA.  My mother helped me find a home here in Georgia.  Now I am in the Job market trying to find a job.  I currently get unemployment, but by the time I pay the bills, we barely have enough for food a week.   I ended up having to go to a hospital last week because I could not walk due to my osteprosis.  I did not have the money for my medication after paying the bills.  The hospital required me to pay 100.00 before leaving the hospital.  I told the lady, I only had 20.00 on me at that time.  She said well we will take that.  I didn't know what I was going to do for food for the week.  Then the prescription that they gave me to go and get filled cost almost 80.00.  I was not able to get that filled because my children had to eat.  So you can see what kind of situation that my family is in right now. 

Last year around this time, me and my children took and adopted a family that had six children.  This was a  blessing that we were able to do that for another family.  We took 4 truck loads of toys, clothing, and gifts to this family.  This is how we celebrated our christmas.   

I am not able to do this for a family this year, now I am in a situation that I need to find some kind of help for my family.  I have been praying that I could find some information that I could possible find an agency to help my family for christmas.  Help with a job lead or something.  If anyone has any information on anything that will help me and my family, feel free to email me at

If I could find one present per child I would be greatly appreciated.  I just feel so bad that I am not able to help another family this christmas. 

Thank you so much the Moore Family

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All who would like to know how these programs work need to go to the link above and scroll down for information . The only info. I have as to how the programs work is what is listed on the pages I have created for Christmas this year.

I pray that everyone may be blessed this Christmas !


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Hello Mrgl

 I am not sure what you mean. Just tell the truth about what you need to any of the organizations listed for Christmas charity. The truth is all that they require of you.


Talk to soulight

I would like to find out more info on this. Please let me know how I can explain my situation? .

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